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Its Back!

[Owner] Mr_Magoo13 posted Jan 2, 18

Happy New Year and Happy New SkyFactory 3.0.15 server!

Yes thats right the Magoo Craft SkyFactory 3 Server is now up and running on sf 3.0.15 come join us!

Unfortunately the Skyfactory world is corrupted and this leaves us with 2 options either I try to find a back up that may be over 2 months old and there will be some Major progress loss or we start fresh on 3.0.15. what would you guys want to see? Please vote in our poll http://www.strawpoll.me/14715506

~Mr. Magoo

Sadly the Sky Factory server went down sometime today or last night and on boot the server would not come back up. it looks after further inspection and testing that the world some how got corrupted. I have whitelisted the server and we will be working to get things fixed, until then we do have a skyblock server on the main magoo craft server if you wish to play that type of world!

Thanks for understanding,

Mr. Magoo

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