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As a few of you may know we have had some issues with survival. However not everyone is part of the discord so I wanted to let every one know whats going on. Early Sunday we started having issues with diffrent items in game resetting, mcmmo skills / acheevements. I rebooted the server to take care of that and the server would not reboot. at which time we found out the host was having issues. We waited for them to take care of that and then rebooted the server. The server would stay up for a little bit and then die. It turns out we had some corrupted cunks so I downloaded and tried to fix the world. The world was reuploaded and server rebooted with no crashes so far however we are seeing some odd errors in the server console so we are going to leave things whitelisted till we can figure out what the problem is and we can fix it.

We are very sorry this has occured and hope we can have things back up and working soon.


Mr. Magoo and the Magoocraft Staff 

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